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At Powell, we believe that access to restrooms is a basic physical need at the core of human dignity for everyone. For trans and gender nonconforming people, using public restrooms can be a source of stress and anxiety. People whose appearance does not conform to what is expected for men or women are frequently subjected to stares, questions, comments, verbal harassment, or physical violence when trying to access restrooms. Up to 70% of trans people have experienced a negative reaction when accessing a public restroom and 57% of trans Ontarians have avoided public restrooms for fear of harassment. Avoiding bathrooms can result in health conditions ranging from urinary tract infections to kidney problems, and can disrupt an employee’s work. In general, gender-inclusive restrooms do not just benefit trans and gender nonconforming people. They can also make life easier for parents with children of different genders and caregivers of elderly people or people with disabilities, whose gender is not the same as their own.

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