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About the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Powell’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established in April 2021 with the intention of fostering a community on collaboration, creativity, and belonging. Committee members at all levels of the organization and across various business units meet once per month to discuss upcoming events and initiatives, review policies, current practices, and to share resources to improve diversity in the workplace. All members are encouraged to contribute ideas in a judgement free space, to enhance and improve the experience and work environment of the organization.


Powell recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is committed to ensuring that all employees can continue to effectively and efficiently use their skills and experience to contribute to the organization’s performance, reputation, and service delivery. This includes the opportunity to participate, without discrimination, in both work-related and other activities conducted within a work context.


Powell aims to create a workplace environment where diversity and inclusion is encouraged and in which every employee can realize their potential.

Mission Statement​

At Powell, we believe that our greatest opportunity for continued success is fostered in the belief that every voice matters. Each one of us has a unique story and we promise to do our part to ensure that those stories are heard, seen, acknowledged, and supported.


Our Gender-Neutral Restroom


Our Quiet Room

Some of our accomplishments so far:

  • Creation and implementation of a land acknowledgements (on websites, boardroom TV screens, and before meetings)

  • Implementation of gender pronouns in e-mail signatures and employee onboarding

  • Construction of gender-neutral restrooms and a quiet space

  • DEI training for employees

  • Establishment of days of recognition

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