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When it comes to road safety infrastructure, think of us as your boots on the ground. We are leaders in the road safety sector and experts in our field. We supply and install road safety products that outfit highways, airports, transit systems, and municipal contracts.

Road safety has been our focus for over 50 years, and we take great pride in our work.


Our project delivery strategies improve timelines and processes which allows clients to generate increased capabilities from start to finish. We humbly employ hundreds of employees, have an impressive fleet, and the experience to seamlessly tackle any project that comes our way.


To provide fully integrated roadside safety solutions and emergency response to private, P3, and government stakeholders.


To be an industry leader and the number one Canadian installer of roadside safety solutions including SBGR, temporary construction barriers, crash attenuators, steel beam energy attenuator terminals, overhead signs, ground mounted signs, and cable guide rail.

Powell Contracting is part of RSG International. Click here to learn more about RSG International.


Original Powell Logo

Our roots began as a small family business in 1968, a hay delivery and farm fence service. Back when gas was $0.33 per gallon, our founders, the Powells, realized that there was a need for roadside safety products, and began to evolve into what is known today as Powell Contracting.

Over the course of 50 years, our growth has run parallel with an increased need for road safety products and our growth as industry leaders across Canada. This rich history allows our scope to offer in-depth knowledge and experience in road user safety, client satisfaction, and establish various partnerships and new businesses. 


Through offering a full road safety infrastructure installation service for steel beam guardrails, construction barriers, and crash cushions, we are able to provide fully integrated solutions to private and public projects alike. And that means together, we can deliver work that helps keep communities safe.

Powell Contracting main building exterior shot


As road safety specialists, our commitment to safety is the core of what we do. And with that, we embrace innovation with passion and look to serve our people and our partnerships at the highest level possible. Because here’s the thing, the importance of infrastructure and what it allows people to do is a critical part of their lives. Ensuring that people are safe, wherever the road may lead them, is what we are all about.

Powell Contracting - Innovation, Service, Safety and Passion


We are industry leaders in roadside safety. Every project big or small is monitored and managed with the high-level detail and attention to ensure long-lasting road impact, and to ensure everyone makes it home safely, every time.



From project coordinators to experienced construction crews, we offer an all-inclusive service that is effective and innovative backed by quality sourced products.


Our construction experts are constantly looking to adapt to emerging technologies and develop new measures to leverage practices that push the boundaries on roadside safety. We are constantly challenging the norm to get to the next breakthrough.



Our work is fueled with a sense of urgency and commitment to all our partners and customers. We’ve been in the game for a long time, and what keeps us going is a love for the industry.


"For the past 30 years, Trinity Highway has enjoyed the privilege of supplying Powell Contracting with its needs for guardrail and guardrail terminals, wire rope systems, crash cushions, truck-mounted attenuators and various other roadside appurtenances.  Trinity Highway could not ask for a better relationship. 


From ownership to management to support staff, the flexibility, understanding and willingness of its people to help Trinity overcome unexpected challenges, map out strategies for the future and work towards mutually beneficial business solutions are just a few examples that show why Powell is such an important partner for Trinity.


Trinity is very pleased and proud of its history with Powell and looks forward to growing the partnership for many years to come."

Brian Smith   |   Vice President   |   Trinity Highway International

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