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Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 

Statement of Commitment

Powell Contracting is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for all stakeholders, including clients, employees, job applicants, suppliers, and any visitors who enter the premises, work for the company, access information provided by the company, or use the company’s goods and services. Powell Contracting is committed to complying with the regulations and standards set forth by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

Powell Contracting will work to break down the barriers that prevent or limit persons with disabilities from employment, receipt of goods and services, the built environment, and information and communication through the implementation of accessibility standards.

Accessibility Plan and Policies for: Powell Contracti􀆟ng 

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines the strategy that Powell Contracting has put in place to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities under the AODA standards and regulations. The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will help Powell Contracting to become a more accessible employer and service provider.

As an organization, we will review our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan on a yearly basis to ensure all objectives are carried out in a timely manner and we will update the Accessibility Plan as necessary.

Accessible Emergency Informa􀆟tion 

Where required, Powell Contracting will create individualized workplace emergency response plans for employees with disabilities. The emergency response plan will consider the unique challenges created by the individual’s disability and the physical nature of the workplace and will be created in consultation with the employee. If an employee with a disability requires assistance from a support person during an emergency, the company will designate a fellow employee to act as such.


Powell Contracting recognizes that skills development and career planning can enrich the employment experience, increase engagement, and reduce turnover for individuals with disabilities. The company will align training and development programs to meet the needs of employees with disabilities and provide training as soon as reasonably practicable upon the person being assigned to applicable duties. Training programs will be designed with flexibility to allow customization for the individual requirements of the employee, such as providing training materials in accessible or conversion-ready formats that take into account the need of the employee. The company will consider employee barriers when implementing performance management processes, or when offering career development, employment support, or advancement opportunities.

Information & Communications

Powell Contracting understands the importance of accessible digital and non-digital forms of communication and will provide accessible types of communication and information to all individuals with disabilities. Such accessible formats and communication supports will be provided upon request, in a timely manner and at no additional cost.


Powell Contracting will ensure that feedback can be provided by customers with disabilities through a variety of mechanisms, such as in person, by phone, e-mail, website, or social media. Feedback forms, along with alternate methods of providing feedback verbally (in person or by telephone) or written (handwritten, delivered, website, or e-mail), will be available upon request. Customers who provide formal feedback will receive acknowledgment of their feedback, along with any resulting actions based on concerns or complaints that were submitted.

Building Accessibility

Powell Contracting will work to ensure that the built environment, including building interior and exterior, are designed to facilitate barrier-free access to goods or services for customers and employees. If areas of the built environment are not accessible for certain individuals with disabilities, the company will work with the individual to provide an alternate means of access. By 2025, Powell Contracting will address any identified immediate and low-cost barriers and adjust to improve accessibility.

Website Accessibility
We will ensure that all web content will conform to WCAG 2.0, Level AA through AccessiBe. This technology will use machine learning algorithms to analyze and modify website content to make it more accessible.
Powell Contracting will provide individual accommodations to support the needs of employees with disabilities. Personalized accommodation plans will be designed to allow employees to contribute and participate in job-related functions and activities to the best of their abilities. The process of accommodating individuals will take a consultative approach and is a shared obligation of the company, the employee, and any applicable professionals required to assist the employee throughout the process.

Powell Contracting will make every effort to identify, remove, and prevent barriers by developing inclusive employment procedures that support persons with disabilities with accommodations during the recruitment and selection stages, and throughout the employment life cycle.

We will take the following steps to ensure the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities are considered when using performance management, career development and redeployment processes:

  • Will provide documents related to performance management, such as performance plans, available in accessible formats upon request.

  • Review an employee’s individual accommodation plan to understand the employee’s accommodation needs and determine whether it needs adjusting to improve their performance on the job.

  • Review an employee’s individual accommodation plan to understand the adjustments that may be needed for new responsibilities with regards to career development and advancement opportunities.

  • Provide informal and formal coaching and feedback where necessary in a manner that considers an employee’s disability.

  • Consider the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities when moving them to other positions or projects, so that employees can continue to have their accommodation needs met.

Recruitment and Hiring

Powell Contracting understands that improving workplace accessibility and ensuring an accessible recruitment and selection process for applicants with disabilities can expand the pool of talented candidates. Upon request, the company will provide candidates with reasonable accommodations during the interview and selection process. Where an accommodation is requested, the company will consult with the applicant to arrange suitable accommodations, such as providing the application in an alternate or accessible format.

The company interview process will focus on experience and skills and will not discriminate against candidates who have a disability or require an accommodation. Powell Contracting is committed to hiring decisions that are unbiased and based on qualifications and experience. Successful candidates will be made aware of policies and supports for accommodations upon completion of the recruitment process.

Return to Work

Powell Contracting is committed to a supportive return-to-work program and will develop and implement return-to-work processes for employees who are absent from work due to a disability and require accommodations to return to work. The company will work with the employee to develop an individualized return-to-work plan and support the employee in the transition period by addressing any barriers. The return-to-work process will outline the steps the company will take to facilitate the employee’s return to work and use documented individual accommodation plans. 

For More Information

For more information on this accessibility plan, please contact our Human Resources Department at 905-727-2518 or by email at


This document can be made available in an accessible format upon request.

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