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RSG International is Acquired by Ramudden Global Bolstering Its Global Ambitions

In a groundbreaking transaction in the North American road safety infrastructure sector Powell Contracting, along with RSG International, has been acquired by Ramudden Global, a Swedish multinational leader in safety infrastructure. This acquisition sets a new benchmark for deals in the sector, consolidating two key players in road safety infrastructure.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone for us, representing one of our largest endeavors to date. We are immensely excited about the prospects it offers, enabling us to broaden our horizons, achieve more, and elevate our performance to new heights,” explains Hans-Olov Blom, CEO of Ramudden Global.

The strategic move strengthens Ramudden’s road safety offerings in North America, with both companies being leading providers of road safety infrastructure services including installation, product distribution, traffic management, and, notably, RSG International’s cutting-edge research and development division.

“We’re thrilled to be part of Ramudden’s expansion into the North American market, as industry leaders this partnership will provide new opportunities to grow our market reach and better serve our customers while unlocking new, innovative opportunities,” explains Lisa Laronde, President of RSG International.

While RSG International and its business units will remain a standalone division within the Ramudden Global family, this partnership will unlock collaboration opportunities and innovative possibilities, all aimed at enhancing infrastructure safety worldwide. Both companies are committed to cultivating diverse, inclusive workplaces and are aligned in their core values; continuing to contribute positively to their respective communities.

Read more on RSG International’s website.


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